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Jewellery Design with Rhino - Basic

We have been an Authorized Rhino Training Centre since 1998, when Rhino was originally released. We provide a complete jewellery design training program, comprising three levels of courses on 3D modeling with Rhino, Jewellery Design with Rhino, as well as custom, on-site, and individual training. Our scheduled courses are conducted in small groups (2-6 students) in a spacious computer lab with a separate workstation for each student. In our training, we put emphasis on each student's thorough understanding of the covered material. We apply an individualized approach for each student so that everybody is able to thoroughly understand performed exercises and proceed at their own pace. Therefore, nobody has to rush to catch up with somebody else or wait until other students complete their assignments. Our graduates receive a certificate upon completion of each course.

In this course you will learn from the beginning the fundamentals of effective jewellery design with Rhino. This is the most important part of the learning process, since the thorough knowledge of these fundamentals is the prerequisite for further growth and the ability to cope with the demands of the intermediate and advanced levels of jewellery design. Upon the completion of this course you will be able to design various basic pieces of jewellery. You will also learn how to output your designs for 3D printing.
Even though no modeling experience is necessary, this course is also beneficial for those who have some 3D modeling experience and/or previous training but who have not learned all basic functions of Rhino.

Topics include:
  • Learning the user interface
  • Learning Rhino object types
  • Learning how to design in 3D space
  • Assembling a pendant
  • Learning effective use of view manipulation for faster design
  • 2D sketching - drawing lines and curves
  • Using layers in jewellery design
  • Precision modeling
  • Creating basic solids
  • Creating basic wedding bands
  • Creating objects in various orientations
  • Modifying lines and curves
  • Designing pendants
  • 3D modeling with surfaces
  • 3D modeling with solids
  • Creating and positioning gemstones
  • Creating wedding bands
  • Creating basic channel rings
  • Creating basic eternity rings
  • Editing of solids and surfaces
  • Basic engraving and embossing
  • Transformations of jewellery objects
  • Introduction to photorealistic rendering of jewellery
  • Introduction to organic modeling
  • Preparation of files for 3D printing

3 days; 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (24 hours total) or 5 Saturdays, 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

CDN$884.00* (includes Training Manual - $79 value + $100 credit**)
Student/teacher price: $695.00*
Trainees receive a certificate upon completion.
Location: 100 Golden Tulip Crescent, Toronto — Markham Ontario L6C 1W4
Nearby hotel: Monte Carlo Inn, Markham (corporate rates available for the attendees)
* HST extra; discounts are available for more than 2 people from the same company.
** $100 credit towards the purchase of a commercial license of Rhino or its bundles - not valid with other offers.
Examples of course exercises
rhino training exercises
rhino training exercises
rhino training exercises
rhino training exercises
rhino training exercises
rhino training exercises