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Introduction to Jewellery CAD and 3D Wax Printing

We have been an Authorized Rhino Training Centre since 1998, when Rhino was originally released. We provide a complete jewellery design training program, comprising three levels of courses on 3D modeling with Rhino and Drakon , as well as custom, on-site, and individual training. Our scheduled courses are conducted in small groups (2-6 students) in a spacious computer lab with a separate workstation for each student. In our training, we put emphasis on each student's thorough understanding of the covered material. We apply an individualized approach for each student so that everybody is able to thoroughly understand performed exercises and proceed at their own pace. Therefore, nobody has to rush to catch up with somebody else or wait until other students complete their assignments. Our graduates receive a certificate upon completion of each course.

This free, hands-on seminar will allow you to get familiar with complete process of creating jewelry wax models for investment casting.
You will learn how you can design jewellery with Rhino and Drakon . You will also learn how to print the wax models of your designs with the industry-leading Solidscape 3D Printers.
You will see in action the newest Solidscape printer and you will receive a sample wax model printed on it.
No experience is necessary.

Topics include:
  • Overview of Jewellery CAD-CAM
  • Overview of Features of Rhino
  • Creating Conventional Rings
  • Creating Signets
  • Creating & Placing Gems
  • Creating Eternity Rings
  • Scaling Rings
  • Creating Bezels
  • Photorealistic Rendering of Jewellery
  • Printing wax models with a Solidscape 3D printer

Ateendees will receive a free wax model of a ring printed on a Solidscape printer.

June 18 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
July 17 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

100 Golden Tulip Crescent, Toronto — Markham Ontario L6C 1W4
To register, email us or call 905-927-1166, toll free 1-888-688-6835
Examples of course exercises

rhinoGold training exercises
rhinoGold training exercises
rhinoGold training exercises
rhinoGold training exercises