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Solidscape DL

Solidscape DL printer</>

Print dozens of castable jewellery models in a single afternoon

Introducing Solidscape DL – high precision ultra fast professional DLP printer!

When good enough isn’t good enough, it has to be Solidscape

Solidscape® is the number one maker of wax pattern 3D printers for jewellery and high precision investment casting.
To satisfy the needs of customers who need very fast results, Solidscape® is now also offering Solidscape DL – a high-precision DLP printer which allows for printing multiple pieces of jewellery in castable resin at 15 – 30 mm per hour.

Muse is Solidscape’s most accessible 3D wax printer, putting the power of our world-renowned precision and quality within reach of jewelers of any size. Muse makes it easier than ever to turn your inspired designs into 3D reality. Muse gets you up to speed, whether it’s the first 3D printer in your shop or a dedicated custom jewelry printer for your expanding business.


The best way to learn and see the Solidscape machines is to attend our free seminar, "Introduction to Jewellery CAD and 3D Wax Printing"

More info & demonstrations: call 1-888-688-6835 or email us

Build Area: 76.2 x 76..2 mm

Build Height: 47.7 mm

Layer Thickness: 0.0254 mm

Horizontal Resolution (XY): up to 5000 dpi

Printer Dimensions: 409W x 512D x 375.5H mm

Weight: 14.6 kg + power supply 1.2 kg

Control: LCD Touchscreen

Input CAD File Format: .stl or .slc

Operating Temperature: 16 - 24 C

Operating Humidity: 40 - 60%