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iWeld 992 Series

992 Series iWeld Laser Welding System

Now Available in 100, 125 & 180 Joule Models

Easy to use, simple to maintain and incredibly powerful, the 992 Series iWeld Benchtop Jewelry Laser Welding System fits neatly into any work environment. iWeld is the highest peak powered laser welding machine in its class. This machine welds SILVER along with other complex alloys.

The iWeld is ideal for a wide range of metal joining and repair applications in the industrial marketplace. The system’s compact, portable, space-saving design, coupled with LaserStar’s well-known reputation for high quality, efficient laser sources, make the iWeld Benchtop Laser Welder an excellent value.
Operators benefit from pin-point accuracy, increase the range of assembly and repair applications, and minimize the potential hazards of heat damage. The resulting weld is considerably stronger than a traditional solder joint. The comfortable, ergonomic design, with conveniently located operator controls and display, ensure optimal utilization with minimal operator fatigue.
LaserStar’s commitment to electrical design efficiency ensures the highest level of hot-light energy transfer from the laser source through the laser welding chamber while providing many hours of continuous operation without overheating. As always, the iWeld laser welder is available in the domestic USA marketplace in 110 Volts or 220 Volts.
iWeld laser welders offer an excellent value for today’s industry professionals looking to unleash the power of hot-light, benefit from a comfortable, compact, ergonomic design and ensure optimal platform technology.

iWeld Benchtop with Removable Welding Chamber

The iWeld Benchtop has a removable welding chamber for easily welding parts that will not fit within the standard welding chamber. The chamber is easily removed to allow users to weld larger or odd shaped parts.
Six Models Available: • 40 Joule, 5.5 kW, 35 Watt, 30 Hz • 60 Joule, 9.0 kW, 60 Watt, 30 Hz • 80 Joule, 10.0 kW, 60 Watt, 30 Hz • 100 Joule, 10.0 kW, 60 Watt, 30 Hz • 125 Joule, 10.0kW, 60 Watt, 30 Hz • 125 Joule, 10.0kW, 80 Watt, 30 Hz
(The following advanced features are available on select 990 Series iWeld G3 Laser Welding Systems)
  • Pulse Performance Profile Technology
  • Soft-Touch Technology
  • Multiple Viewing Systems
  • Digital Messaging Display
  • New Touch Screen
  • Custom Pulse Profiling
  • Pulse Suppression Software
  • More Efficient Power
  • Supply Technology
  • Larger Welding Chamber
  • Tri-Access Chamber
  • Large Viewing Window
  • Interior Chamber Design
  • Side Entry Service Panels
  • Removable Front Door Entry
  • Ergonomically Designed Forearm
  • Entry Ports
  • Worldwide Safety Certification
  • Made in USA
System Platform Benchtop
Welding Chamber Safety Certification Class 1
iWeld Lasing System Class 4
Wavelength 1064nm
Pulse Energy 0,1 - 125 Joules
Maximum Peak Power up to 11.0 kW
Internal Power Supply 400 Volt
Average Power 35 Watts / 60 Watts / 80 Watts
Pulse Length 0,1 - 30 Milli-seconds
Pulse Frequency 0,5 - 30 Hz
Burst / Speed Welding Optimized to Energy Values
Beam Diameter1 0,05mm - 2,00mm
Cooling System Internal Water-To-Air
Supply Circuit 120V (± 10%), 50/60Hz
15 Amp, Single Phase 208V (± 5%) / 230V ( ± 10%),
50/60Hz, 20 Amp, Single Phase
Binocular Microscope 15x (optional 25x, 40x)
Chamber Illumination System LED Natural Lighting (Dual)
Soft-Touch™ Resonator Technology Optional
Pulse Performance Profile Technology2 Exclusive Integrated Software
Programming Memory 79 Text Cells
Program Application Settings Yes
Automatic Sleep Mode Exclusive Integrated Software
Parameter Adjustment Features External Touchscreen
Internal Chamber Joystick
Preventative Maintenance Alert Software Yes
User "Direct Connect" Software EZ-LINK
Language Display Options3
(Additional Languages Available Upon Request)
Motorized Beam Expander Yes
Shield Gas Supply Integrated “Soft Flow” Nozzle
 Inert Gas Welding Chamber Adjust Valve Yes
Welding Chamber Dimensions 10”L x 20”W x 9”H
254mm x 508mm x 229mm
“Footprint” Dimensions  33”L x 21”W x 16”H
839mm x 534mm x 406mm
Weight (Unpackaged) 125 lbs / 57 Kg
Warranty Coverage (Parts & Labor) As Quoted
Laser Safety Certification Compliance FDA(CDRH), UL, CSA, CE, ETL
Country of Origin (Parts & Assembly) Made In USA