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Solidscape DL

Solidscape DL printer

Print dozens of castable jewellery models in a single afternoon

Introducing Solidscape DL – high precision ultra fast professional DLP printer!

When good enough isn’t good enough, it has to be Solidscape

Solidscape® is the number one maker of wax pattern 3D printers for jewellery and high precision investment casting.
To satisfy the needs of customers who need very fast results, Solidscape® is now also offering Solidscape DL – a high-precision DLP printer which allows for printing multiple pieces of jewellery in castable resin at 15 – 30 mm per hour.

This professional German-made printer allows for printing multiple pieces of jewellery in 1-2 hours. The following Solidscape printing materials are available:
Crisp intricate detail and easy to handle
  • Excellent green strength
  • Delivers accurate casting results with minimal adjustments
High wax content for casting perfection
Unique parameter for each
  • Large, bulky designs
  • Fine detail and filigree
  • Opaque white for best visual
  • Perfect for customer sample
Speed: High powered LED and proprietary software prints up to 15mm/hr* @ 25µ
*Force Feedback equipped

Build area: 84 x 47 mm

Build height: 90 mm

Projector: High-Power UV HD LED delivers precision and accuracy, 40,000 hours lifetime, wavelength 405nm

Resolution: horizontal resolution (X, Y) 0.022 mm; vertical resolution 0.025 / 0.035 / 0.050 mm

Printer dimensions: 335W x 541H x 349D mm

Connections: WLAN, TCP/IP, USB

Control: 7” LCD Touchscreen