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$1,806.00 CAD

rhinoreverse is a Rhino plug-in that helps in creating NURBS surfaces from mesh data.

Start by sketching boundary curves on the mesh and then Rhino Reverse will automatically fit NURBS surfaces to the mesh. Rhino Reverse has the unique ability to represent large complex shapes with just a few NURBS surfaces by creating surfaces with 2, 3, 4 or more edges.

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Major Features:

  • Several import interfaces for mesh data (*.stl, *.wrl, *.vrml, *.af, *.nas, *.txt)
  • Simple sketching of boundary curves on the given mesh data by using the mouse
  • Flexible definition of the faces by 2 to 25 boundary curves
  • Optional mode, to skin the point mesh quick-and-dirty with a low number of faces
  • Automatic calculation of topology by using graph algorithms
  • Additional “healing”-function, to improve quality of already existing face models: Automatic elimination of small gaps, steps and overlaps
  • Additional “relief”-function to cover large country surfaces
  • Additional “patch” function to fill holes and create surface blends
  • Calculate metal and gem weights
  • CAM Export Assistant
  • STL Repair Assistant

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