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RhinoGold 6.6 Pro Upgrade from version 4.0 or previous

$2,793.00 CAD


Includes help & support and $100 discount on our commercial training.

RhinoGold 6.6 Pro is an easy-to use yet powerful complete jewellery design software containing the most advanced tools for jewellery design and manufacturing.
It includes a mind-blowing library of 1800+ pieces of jewellery ready to print! Each of these pieces may be printed as is or modified or combined with other pieces.

RhinoGold 6.6 Pro also includes advanced Clyaoo 2 for organic modelling, RhinoEmboss for creating reliefs, and a complete catalogue of Swarovski elements.
It’s new, proprietary Fleximetric Technology allows for easy editing objects, while the advanced RhinoGold Render Studio creates professional renderings with very little effort.

Two Versions of RhinoGold 6.6

To satisfy the needs of both the entry-level and the advanced users, two different versions of RhinoGold are available, RhinoGold PRO and RhinoGold BASIC. Here is the comparison.



RhinoGold 6.6 Pro Plugin seamlessly integrates with Rhino 6. It is an easy-to use yet powerful jewellery design software containing the most advanced tools for jewellery design and manufacturing.
It includes a mind-blowing library of 1800+ pieces of jewellery ready to print! Each of these pieces may be printed as is or modified or combined with other pieces.

It also includes advanced Clayoo 2.6 for organic modeling, RhinoEmboss for creating reliefs, and a complete library of gemstones and a catalogue of Swarovski elements.
Its new, proprietory Fleximetric Technology allows for easy editing objects, while the advanced RhinoGold Render Studio creates professional renderings with very little effort.

CAD: The Process

With its easy interface and fast editing tools, CAD is a must-have tool for all jewelers. The world markets are changing. Branding, good design, high-quality, low margins, fast turn-around times, and great service are just a few of the challenges that manufacturers and retailers face today. CAD offers the benefits of cost effective, custom products without the impracticality of a large inventory.


Sketch your masterpiece on paper, or begin your design directly in the software. Soon it will be a 3D object!

2. Create 3D

Create your model quickly, easily, and comfortably!

3. Manufacture & Sell

Manufacturing outputs are available right inside the software! Send your CAD file to manufacturing or render a beautiful photo to market to your customers!

Key Benefits

Create more quickly with RhinoGold Elements

Choose. Combine. 3D Print.

In just three steps you can:
1. Choose from a large selection of jewelry components.
2. Easily combine and edit them to suit your needs.
3. Provide your customer with the perfect design.

No Computer Skills Required

WOW your customer!

Dress up your marketing to create an astonishingly photorealistic image and video of your designs.

Take advantage of our rendering tools to create your own virtual catalog with beautiful and unique photos and videos. Add value to your marketing with RhinoGold tools such as Render Studio, Web 3D, and RhinoGold Cloud.​

Make it real: 3D Print.

RhinoGold provides integrated manufacturing ability through Stuller or quick CAM exporting to produce your designs as you wish on any 3D printer.​

Be Creative.
Design from Scratch

When you want to build jewelry from scratch, RhinoGold Jewelry Builders and Advanced Creation Tools allow you to explore the world of 3D and create your one of a kind design.

Sculpting Tools

Remove the complexity of curve and surface modeling with interactive sculpting tools. These sculpting tools are similar to real world clay modeling or wax carving interaction.

Create complex organic sculptures quickly and easily.

Sophisticated Tech Report & Customer Report

With just a click of the mouse you can provide a quote for your customer or create a technical report for your manufacturers and stone setters.


Major Features:

  • Thousands of Editable Models and Components Ready to Print
  • Gem Libray
  • Automatic and Dynamic Pave
  • Automatic Clusters
  • Automatic Halo Heads
  • Automatic Eternity Rings
  • Patterned Rings
  • Cathedral Rings
  • Baskets
  • Hinge Creator
  • Split Shank Rings
  • Head Studio
  • Ring Wizard
  • Ring Scaler
  • Channel Studio
  • Channel Cutter
  • Dynamic Profile
  • Bezel Studio
  • Calculate Metal and Gem Weights
  • Freeform Organic Modeling with Clayoo2
  • RhinoEmboss
  • 3D Print Tools
  • 3D Textures
  • Photorealistic Rendering
  • RhinoGold Cloud (online store)
  • Animation Studio
  • STL Wizard
  • Keyframe Animation
  • Stuller CAD/CAM Services
  • Free Service Release Updates

System Requirements

Computer Type Laptop and Desktop computer systems, with mouse and keyboard, are the only computer systems that can run our products effectively

Tablet style computers, such as the Microsoft Surface, are not recommended

* Tablet style computers are popular for their compact size and portability, but at this time they do not have the recommended hardware performance, especially graphics cards, to run our products effectively. You may be able to install and run our software, but the experience will likely be very slow and limited. Additionally, our software is not designed to utilize a touch screen interface and must use a mouse and keyboard.

Processor Minimum: Intel i3/AMD (64bit – Year 2010 or newer)

Recommended: Intel i5 Quad Core 2GHz or higher

Intel Xeon Series processors are not recommended

* RhinoGold is a very processor intensive program, so getting a fast processor is the best way to increase your performance.

RAM Minimum: 4GB

Recommended: 8GB or more

* RhinoGold is a 64bit program that can use as much memory as your computer has available. Generally 8gb is plenty for most designers, however, if you plan on using your computer for more than just RhinoGold, more memory would be helpful.

Graphics Card (GPU) Graphic Card with OpenGL 2.0 or higher

NVIDIA Quadro GPUs not recommended supported

Rendering There is no need to use a dedicated graphics card except if you are going to use the render intensively in which case a Nvidia graphics card will make the render much faster. Starting at 600 series and the models GTX 660/770/780 (higher number means a faster rendering).

Operating System Supported Operating Systems for RhinoGold 6.0:

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64bit)

Unsupported Operating Systems

Mac OS X, SDK is not available.


Hard Drive Minimum: 2GB free main hard drive space

Recommended: 2GB SSD

Monitor Resolution Recommended: 1920 × 1080

4K Not Supported

Internet Connection You must have Internet connection to activate your product.

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