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Rhino Training Materials

Rhino & Flamingo training materials and tutorials



Rhino Training Manual
– Level 1
A 400-page basic manual, designed for instructor-led or self-paced training. A PDF copy of this manual is on the Rhino CD.
Rhino Training Manual
– Level 2
A 200-page advanced manual designed for instructor-led or self-paced training. A PDF copy of this manual is on the Rhino CD.
Rhino Visual Tips + Savanna3D USB A tutorial DVD with 480 video examples showing how to accomplish various modeling tasks with Rhino 4.0.
It also includes Savanna 3D – a collection of models for Mac and PC.
Flamingo Visual Tips CD A tutorial CD, which provides the information you need to create sophisticated images and take advantage of Flamingo’s powerful Raytrace and Radiosity render capabilities. Twelve chapters with more than 100 AVI examples, will show you in real time step by step instructions on how to set up the interface, place lights and cameras, edit the background, set the sun and clouds and apply decals or logos.
Studio Quality Rendering CD An advanced tutorial CD, teaching how to present your models like a professional photographer in a studio setting. Learn advanced techniques in lighting, creating materials, enhancing performance, and post-processing images.
Modeling & Mold Making for Jewelry Designers
– advanced Rhino training CD
This advanced tutorial CD guides you through a process of creating a custom ring and making a two-part mold to produce a cast part. The tutorial covers modeling the part, modeling the mold, and creating cutting instructions in VisualMill for a milling machine. The CD contains the evaluation version of VisualMill, allowing for completion of the CAM section of the tutorial.
Form vs. Shape 1 – advanced Rhino training CD



This 3D tutorial CD by uses the modeling of a ‘hard hat’ to illustrate how the purpose of a model and the constraints behind it impact the choice of techniques.
In product development, certain general approaches to NURBS surface modeling will be more suitable depending on if you are using the tool to create a concept from a napkin sketch, reproduce in 3D an existing or highly specified design, or modify or repair an existing model. It comes down to what parts, what dimensions and forms, of the design and the model, are firmly nailed down and which can have flexibility; what you know and what you’re trying to figure out. To illustrate this, one deceptively tricky area is modeled or attempted using several techniques which might may or may not be appropriate for different situations.
The CD includes HTML and printable versions of the tutorial with over 160 step-by-step screenshots and a 3D model, and an evaluation version of Rhinoceros.
Form vs. Shape 2 – advanced Rhino training CD



 finished model

Over 600 step-by-step illustrations guide you through the construction of this aircraft in the 2nd tutorial CD by James Carruthers. This model of a C-130 Hercules contains nearly 400 separate surfaces(both halves.) Despite being easy to follow, this is the most advanced Rhinoceros training material available to date. It is not actually about aircraft design, this will not fly! It is for anyone who wants to make high-quality models.


Form vs. Shape 3 – advanced Rhino training CD


This tutorial is not simply about modeling a car body, it shows the use of freeform NURBS surface modeling in a concept development process. The first half starts with creating a rough initial model, which is modified to produce two concepts. In the second half, one of them is further refined and detailed. Includes online HTML(CSS-capable browser like Internet Explorer 6, Firefox, or Opera required)and 396-page printable PDF versions, and completed and intermediate 3D models. The 1300 steps are illustrated with over 1800 screenshots.
Shoe Design and Visualization The Industrial Design Section and the Footwear Section of the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia (IBV) developed this CD. IBV is a technology center that promotes and carries out scientific research, technological development, technical consultancy, and training in biomechanics.

The Footwear Section and the Industrial Design Section work together to incorporate tools that will improve product development workflow. This CD brings these tools to traditional footwear professionals.

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