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ProtoWizard – Jeweler’s machining software

$2,100.00 CAD

ProtoWizard is a very easy software for machining jewelry models. It allows for creation of efficient toolpaths in minutes.
Combined with ProtoWizard set of fixtures, it provides everything you need for cutting wax models of rings and other pieces of jewelry with a CNC machine. It is a perfect companion for Roland JWX-10 and MDX-40 machines.

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  • 4-axis machining
  • Very easy to use
  • Fast toolpath generation
  • Specialized ring functions
  • Automatic core and tab generator
  • Jeweler tools library
  • Radial finish toolpath
  • Includes the ProtoWizard plug-in for Rhino
  • Sends cutting instructions directly to Roland JWX-10 and MDX-40 machines
  • evaluation version
  • (fully functional 10 day trial)


ProtoWizard Fixture Kit
assists in machining of various types of rings. It includes the following:

ProtoWizard Flip Fixture

Holds the wax stock for machining both sides of the ring.


3-Sided Ring Fixture

With the 3-Sided Ring Fixture, rings with top only detail can be created without ever removing the wax from the fixture.


Ring Arbor Fixture

ProtoWizard’s Ring Arbor has a unique triangular shape on the tip to locate the ring straight up every time. Positioning the ring is mistake-free with ProtoWizard. ProtoWizard’s Core and Supports eliminate the guess work. Use ProtoWizard’s Ring Arbor to cut those fine details 360 degrees around the ring.


Ring Tube Fixture

ProtWizard’s Ring Tube Fixture locates on the center hole of the Ring Tube wax. Use any style or size of wax. Presize the hole and use ProtoWizard’s Supports to eliminate the time consuming clean up.


Extension Supports

Extend the cutting area for longer pieces such as Ear Rings or Pendants using the ProtoWizard Extension Supports with the Flip Fixture. Made from precision aluminum, the Extension Supports have little “ears” out on the end to compress and stiffen the wax. This eliminates and bending or warping of the wax.


Head Inserts

Need to machine complex piercing around the bezel? The ProtoWizard Head Inserts center a 7/8″ wax rod for both top down and well as full 360 degree rotary machining. With the Head Inserts, you can machine detail not reachable by conventional 3-Sided milling.


All of the fixtures are manufactured in the U.S.A from aircraft grade aluminium. High Precision accuracy is acheived using state-of-the-art CNC equipment.

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