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Drakon Jewellery Plugin for Rhino

Original price was: $3,038.00 CAD.Current price is: $1,975.00 CAD.

Special Introductory Price!

Drakon jewellery plugin an easy-to-use yet powerful jewellery design software comprising the most advanced tools for jewellery design and manufacturing. It is built on top of Rhino and it requires Rhino 7 or 8  to run.

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Drakon is an easy-to-use yet powerful jewellery design software containing the most advanced tools for jewellery design and manufacturing.
It is built on top of Rhino – the most popular jewellery software in the world, and it extends its capabilities with automated builders and functions for easier and faster jewellery design.

It includes a complete library of gemstones and a large number of preset jewellery components (shanks, bezels, heads, etc.).  Each of these pieces may be printed as is or modified or combined with other pieces.

For viewing the designed models, it includes the advanced Real Time Render to create professional renderings with very little effort.

CAD: The Process

With its easy interface and fast editing tools, CAD is a must-have tool for all jewellers. The world markets are changing. Branding, good design, high-quality, low margins, fast turn-around times, and great service are just a few of the challenges that manufacturers and retailers face today. CAD offers the benefits of cost-effective, custom products without the impracticality of a large inventory.

1. Image

Sketch your masterpiece on paper, or begin your design directly in the software. Soon it will be a 3D object!

2. Create 3D

Create your model quickly, easily, and comfortably!

3. Manufacture & Sell

Manufacturing outputs are available right inside the software! Send your CAD file to manufacturing or render a beautiful photo to market to your customers!

Key Benefits

Create more quickly with Drakon jewellery builders

Choose. Combine. 3D Print.

In just three steps you can:
1. Choose from a large selection of jewellery components.
2. Easily combine and edit them to suit your needs.
3. Provide your customers with the perfect design.

No Computer Skills Required

WOW your customer!

Dress up your marketing to create an astonishingly photorealistic image and video of your designs.

Take advantage of our rendering tools to create your own virtual catalog with beautiful and unique photos and videos.

Make it real: 3D Print.

Drakon provides quick CAM exporting to produce your designs as you wish on any 3D printer.​

Be Creative.
Design from Scratch

When you want to build jewelry from scratch, Panther Builders and Advanced Creation Tools allow you to explore the world of 3D and create your one of a kind design.





Gem Creator.png

Gem Creator

Creates a Gem by Cut, Size and position

gem on object.png

Gem on Object

Orients Gems on Objects

gem report 2.png

Gem Info

Get a detailed report of the Gems. Carats, Cut, Size and Quantity


Cabochon Creator

Loads a Cabochon Gem by defining the shape, Size and position

gem on ring.png

Gem on Ring

Places a Gem on a Ring defined by several controls

mixed gem cuts.png

Mixed Gem Cuts

Gives selection of odd Gem cuts such as Briolette, Drop, Rose Cut or Pearls

Gems on Curve.png

Gems on Curve

Creates Gems along a curve with multiple possibilities to adjust



Defines the 3 stone ring with the Gems oriented on the ring rail

Copy to Gems.png

Copy to Gem

Match an object from one Gem to another




Creates a Bezel Set based on a Gem input

Callote icon.png


Creates a Calotte Setting based on a Gem input

Micro Cluster.png


Creates a Cluster with Gems following adjustable settings

Claw Set.png


Defines a Claw Setting based on a given Gem



Creates a Halo with gems around a given Central Gem

Prongs Row.png

Prongs Row

Creates Prong Set, or Bar Set or Bridges on a given Gems row



Creates a Head Set based on a Gem input

under bezel.png

Under Bezel

Creates an Under Bezel or Gallery Rail based on a Gem input

Prong on Gem.png

Prongs on Gem

Creates Prongs on a given Gem


cutter builder.png

Gem Cutter

Creates a Gem Cutter for the pilot hole from any given Gems

Micro Cutters.png

Micro Cutters

Defines Micro Cutters along a given Gems Row, idial for Fishtail style


Auto Cut

Cuts an object with a planar curve

Hollow ring.png

Hollow Ring

Hollow out a solid ring on the inner part defining the wall thickness and multiple under gallery options

Cutter along gems.png

Channel Cutter

Creates a Channel Cutter along a Gems Row defined by Controls

cross cutters.png

Cross Cutters

Creates Cross Cutters around a given Gem, also known as Scallop cut

Azure cutters.png

Azure Cutters

Creates Azure Cutters on the bottom of the Gems



Defines a Hinge articulation on a given Object

Bright Cut.png

Bright Cut

Creates a Bright Cutter based on a Gem input

Cut to Ring.png

Cut to Ring

Cuts a given object by the inner part of the ring size curve

Planar Cutters.png

Planar Cutters

Creates 3 axis Planar Cutters on a given Object



Defines a recessed area on a given Object from a projected curve


profile on curve.png

Profile on Curve

Places a Profile on a curve or along 2 rails. Will follow any further curve changes

Smooth Cap1.png

Smooth Cap

Creates a rounded cap shape based on a profile curve

offset gem profile.png

Offset Gem Curve

Defines a curve from an offset distance, auto update any changes on the Gem

Cross Section.png

Cross Section

Defines 3 axis Cross Sections from an Object



Smart boolean operations, will auto update the results whenever are changes on the given objects


Auto Cap

Closes a given object with flat caps on planar holes. Also will follow the History of the given objects

Curve on Ring Rail.png

Profile on Ring

Adapts a curve onto the desired ring size, will auto update the changes on the Ring Size

Flow on Surface.png

Smart Flow

Defines a flat surface referenced on a given one to flow objects along

Text along Curve.png

Text on Curve

Creates a Text along a given curve with multiple control options



Create section curves from the object defined by number or distance.

Polar Array.png

Polar Array

Creates circular copies from given objects with possibility to interpolate and more

section from ring.png

Section from Ring

Captures the curve section from a ring

Extract Surface.png

Extract Surface

Extracts a Surface from an Object, will auto update any changes on the given object

Metal on Curve.png

Metal on Curve

Creates a shape along a curve defined by profiles controls



Smart Join for curves or surfaces, will auto update the results whenever are changes on the given objects



Bombé Ring

Loads a ring with a predefined dome structure which can be further customized by various controls



Defines a Basic Shank which can be further customized by various controls

Braid Ring.png

Braid Ring

Loads a Braid Ring with a predefined structure which can be further customized by various controls

Split Cathedral Shank.png

Split Cathedral

Creates a Split Cathedral Shank which can be adjusted to a central gem


Cathedral Ring

Creates a Cathedral ring which can be further customized by various controls

Shaped Ring.png

Shaped Ring

Creates a ring defined by outside curve shape and various controls

Bypass Shank.png


Creates a Bypass ring with a which can be further customized by various parameters

Criss Cross.png


Loads a Criss-Cross Ring with the possibility to overlap


Signet Ring

Loads a Signet ring with a customizable shape which can be further adjusted by parameters

Eternity Band.png

Eternity Band

Loads a Eternity Band which can be customized by controls

Split Shank.png

Split Shank

Defines a Split Shank which can be completely customized by various options

Outside Ring Rail.png

Outside Ring Rail

Defines a the ring rail and outside ring rail customized by various controls




Loads a customizable Bail defined by controls



Loads Hoop Earrings which can be customized by several controls



Loads a metal Snail defined by customized controls



Loads a Bangle or Cuff defined by options to control



Creates a customized Charm defined by several controls



Creates a Millgrain along a curve defined by customizable controls

Auto Pattern.png

Auto Pattern

Creates a Pattern along a given surface defined by controls. Includes many patterns to start from

Voronoi Pattern.png

Auto Voronoi

Creates a Voronoi Pattern along a surface defined by several controls



Creates a standard Bead customizable by several controls



Creates a Rope along a curve defined by several options to control



Defines a Filigree shape along a curve defined by customizable controls

Ornaments on Curve.png


Creates Ornaments along a curve defined by input controls

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